October 3, 2023


It's Just Not A Car It's Someones Dream

Modified Hyundai Creta 2021 Wrapped in Satin Black Looks Amazing with Custom Exhaust

Modified Hyundai Creta

Modified Hyundai Creta

Since its debut in the Indian market, the Hyundai Creta, one of the best-selling mid-size SUVs, has sold a maximum of 18,000 units in a single month. It is now common place to see on our streets. As a result, many people began modifying their Creta to make it stand out from the crowd. So here we have a Modified Hyundai Creta that has undergone extensive, stylish modification, Changing light and wrapping the car.

This video is uploaded on Youtube Channel Musafir AKA Joshi by a Famous YouTuber Musafir Joshi. The Owner of Modified Hyundai Creta is seen in the Youtube video is Saurav Kumar. The Owner Said that he purchased the Car in March 2021 and its a SX Variant which is second Top Model and its a Petrol Variant.

It is a 1497 cc motor which is accessible with a Manual transmission. The 1497 cc motor puts out 113.18bhp@6300rpm of force and 143.8Nm@4500rpm of force. The price of Hyundai Creta is Starting From Rs 9.99 LACS to 18.80 LACS (Ex-Showroom). The on road Price of Creta SX is Rs 15.80 LACS.

Modified Hyundai Creta Side Looks is Extremely Sporty

Modified Hyundai Creta

The Owner Said he has given a name to his car SINISTER as he said that the meaning of the name is Devil and the name is inspired by the car Headlights which is Red DRLs and lights are wrapped in Z black as he said he is giving a Devil Look to his car thats why he has given the name SINISTER.

The Car is Wrapped in Satin black Wrap which is looking Extremely Amazing and giving Dope Look He specifies that the vehicle is legally permitted to be Wrapped in Satin Black Wrap as the primary tone on that the RC (Registration Certificate) shows Black as the base Colour. Also he has mentioned that the car was done with PPF and after one year that PPF gets dull and yellowish.

Modified Hyundai Creta with Red Drls, Hazard and underbody Light

Modified Hyundai Creta

Going forward the owner said that the grill comes in Chrome colour and now he dipped the grill in gloss Black colour and also the Hyundai Logo is also De-chromed in Black. The owner Said he installed 4 piece amber Light which mostly seen on Thar.

also he installed Underbody Light which is a colour changing by Remote and it enhance the look of the car in night as it look Soo Amazing and gives a sporty look to the car Also he explained that the theme of the car is all black.

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Modified Hyundai Creta Front Look is very Sporty

Going Forward Proceeding the walk around, the owner features the lower part of the front Car. The owner makes sense of that he has added a Five Piece universal Front Lower Splitter Three Piece is for Front and Two Piece is for Side doors which further upgrades the Car to look aggressive and bulky. In the wake of examining the front, the moderator moves the concentration to the SUV’s side and gets some information about the modification made there. The owner specifies that he has painted the company alloy wheels to gloss black and earlier it comes in silver and also he added 30% tinted window.

Modified Hyundai Creta Rear Look 

Modified Hyundai Creta

He likewise Wrapped that the silver side boards and side gloss black mirrors by carbon fibre to give the car more sporty look

Then, the owner exhibits the vehicle from the back and notices that he has applied a dark film on the back window. Furthermore, the Rear Back lights, Brake light, indicators and scuff plates all those are wrapped in Z black to supplement the Car dark Theme.

Also the Rear Bumper is painted in gloss black and bumper silver chrome is also wrapped in Satin Black. The Rear Hyundai Logo is also De-chromed in black colour.

Modified Hyundai Creta with custom exhaust

Going Further the owner Reveals that he installed a Custom Exhaust muffler with Straight pipe which is in house custom made muffler installed by Silencer Garage Mayapuri to enhance the Performance of the car. He Said a Custom Muffler is added to it and earlier the company exhausted has been replaced by custom Exhaust muffler in Creta which enhance the pickup, the speed and the sound of the car. He said the sound of the car is Bass Sound which is decent not louder. Also it some where legal because it wasn’t too loud.

Moving inside the vehicle Modified Hyundai Creta , the owner makes sense of that very few alterations have been made to the inside. Because of the moderator’s inquiry regarding the complete expense of the adjustments, the owner expresses that he has spent roughly Rs 1.50 lakh on the vehicle up until this point.

Also he mentioned in future he going to work in the interior with sound system till now he installed Red stitch Seat covers which comes in Creta Turbo 1.4 , he installed 5D Mats, Creta Scuff Plates which Glow with name of Creta on it.

Modified Hyundai Creta black Wrapped in Satin Black