October 2, 2023


It's Just Not A Car It's Someones Dream

Modified Honda Amaze wrapped in Satin Black Looks Dope with Loudest Exhaust

Tastefully Modified Honda Amaze Wrapped in Satin Black Wrap Looks Dope

modified honda amaze

Great, yet slender sheet metal utilised, particularly bumper is too meager that even by little press it gets twist. Entryway handles are difficult to open, new individual opening entryway feels entryways are locked and demands to open.

Manik Review has shared a video of this modified Honda Amaze on his Youtube Channel. In this Video vlogger presenting the vehicle and its Owner. The Vlogger Firstly Asked The Car Owner that what modification he has done on his car and the Owner Replied The Grill of the Amaze and Honda Sign is De-chromed in Black color.

He has also installed orange lights on grill which is called Amber Light it Comes in 4 Pieces. The orange glow of the light is very good and it makes car look more amazing. He has also made a eye lid with Strips for headlights to give the look for the car. The owner also State that he installed five piece universal splitter which enhance the look of the car it comes in five pieces three pieces in front and 2 pieces in side. He also state that there is no guarantee and warranty of the splitters.

modified honda amaze

He has installed hooks for looks there is no specified used of that hooks its just to enhance the look of Modified Honda Amaze car, he has installed white Drls just below the headlight to give the car a dashing looks. Moving on, The owner said he has installed after market alloys in 14 inch he didnt changed the tyre the tyre remains company tyre he just changes alloys which is after market also he has used Tyre stickering which is not very good as he said it looses his gum in 1-2 month.

The Owner said he has used Chamaeleon wrap on side mirror and he said the whole car is wrapped in Black Satin Wrap but the original colour is golden brown which company gives which he said its kinda illegal because you are changing the colour of the car but in matt ppf that colour gets matts like golden matt brown which is legal as it is mentioned in RC. He mentioned that windows are tinted to 1% which is illegal only 70% visiblity is allowed as per the RTO.

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The Wrap costing is somewhere around 22,000 to 28,000 depends on the quality of wrap also he explained why should not use the ppf on old car which is true but its personal choice if you want to use it or not if you don’t have budget you can go for wrap. Now a days wrap comes in two tyre Self Healing PPF and Matt PPF. Modified Honda amaze is Looking too good in Satin Black Wrap Colour.

modified honda amaze

Then, the owner features the vehicle from the back and notices that he has applied a dark film on the back window. Moreover, the lights have been somewhat coloured to supplement the vehicle’s dark subject.

The owner likewise uncovers that, as far as execution, he has supplanted the vehicle’s exhaust in which he has done De-cat which a full system Exhaust a Non Resonated Straight pipe come from engine where catalytic converter, Resonator and muffler deleted with straight pipe and this exhaust system is very loud thats why he is using Valvetronic Exhaust which is controllable by remote and can ON and OFF the Exhaust Anytime. India first modified Honda Amaze is the segment’s loudest vehicle.

Moving inside the vehicle, the owner makes sense of that relatively few alterations have been made to the inside He used BLAUPUNT Car Stereo which has a great out-put also he using a Basetube and changed the car speakers in above video you can see welcome Honda light.
The Owner is using ambient lighting inside the car, the proprietor expresses that he has spent roughly Rs 2.5 lakh on the vehicle up to this point to make Modified Honda amaze one in India.